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Why we Custom Fit and Custom Build clubs at Golf ETC:

  • No Two Swings are Alike
  • Equipment Makes the Fastest Improvement
  • No Set Will Exactly Match Your Unique Swing
  • Off the Rack Equipment is Inconsistent
  • Off the Rack Equipment Fits Too Broad a Range of Golfer

We also fit and build our clubs to Tour Specifications including:

  • Progressive Weighting of the entire set
  • Frequency Match your set
  • Swing Weight consistency for your entire set
  • We use Shaft Load Data for Butt and Tip Flex Profiles
  • We collect Shaft Lab Data for Timing, Transition, and Release
  • Our Fitters incorporate the player's Physical Characteristics
  • All recommendations are validated with Launch Monitor Testing

We use the GC2 Launch Monitor with Head Measurement Technology by Foresight Sports. This enables us to us to evaluate your performance based on Ball Speed, Horizontal & Vertical Launch Angles, Spin & Spin Axis and Ball Carry as well as Club Head Velocity, Swing Path, Attack Angle, Club Face Angle, Smash Factor, Dynamic Loft and Lie at Impact, Impact Position on Club Face.  

This means we have the best hardware and software currently developed to evaluate your swing and golf equipment!