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Golf clubs that are purchased "off the rack" are mass produced and manufacturers are rarely match your unique golf swing. This causes control and distance problems. Our exclusive proprietary Golf Performance Analysis is designed to identify and resolve inconsistencies within sets. 

Using the latest fitting technology we take analysis to a higher level. We make sure you have a set of clubs evenly matched to your swing and your ability. Our focus is to improve your game and lower your scores by providing you with a consistent and customized set of clubs not just a particular brand. Along with our expertise, we use a proprietary software that has fit more than 20,000 golfers of all abilities.

The objectives within our Game Improvement Program are to reduce Shot Dispersion by 50% or more and Increase Distance by 5-10% and Lower Scores.

Did we mention that if you choose a  "Complete Fitting" it is for a lifetime?  It is, and as you or your game changes and/or new technology is released, you can come back anytime and be fit.

We offer a variety of fittings to choose from: Driver, Fairway Wood. Hybrid, Irons, Wedges, Putter, and Ball.

Complete Fitting  $399 (Lifetime Fitting)

At Golf ETC we offer a Complete Fitting which is scheduled over several 1 hour appointments. Our expert PGA Professional also watches your swing and can help you make your best swings to achieve your best statistics. 

This includes fitting your: Driver, Irons, Fairways, Hybrids, Wedges, Putter, and Ball. 

Performance Analysis  $115

A Bag Analysis allows the fitter to build an equipment profile for you. We will check the characteristics of each club in your bag.  We test Shaft Length and Cycles Per Minute (CPM) to determine the exact flex of your clubs.  Other statistics that will be recorded are the loft and lie, weight, and the swing weight of your clubs.

This analysis will produce a visual presentation of your bag for you to study. We then determine whether or not some or all of your equipment fits your game.

Driver Fitting  $140

A driver fitting is a unique process because our software can recommend a Driver Head and Shaft for you based on your swing.  We have the latest Driver Heads and Shafts and with our quick connect system, we can change components during the fitting and you can see the results with every swing.

We look at more than just ball speed and launch angle to fit you into the best driver for you!

Iron Fitting  $175

Selecting a set of Irons can be an exciting or overwhelming task for most players.  Some players favor certain clubs or shafts for the wrong reasons. An Iron Fitting will recommend the best shaft and club heads to help you manage gaps in your irons game.

Customized Irons will improve consistency, distance, and accuracy resulting in reduced shot dispersion.

If you want to be putting for birdies more often, consider irons that are specifically built just for you by our master club builders.

Fairway or Hybrid Fitting  $90

The Fairway or Hybrid fitting is similar to a Driver fitting in that we use the same process to fit you into the best equipment for your swing.  The difference is that we are helping you "Gap" your set by recommending equipment that gives you playable distances between your long clubs.

With so many variables in the golf swing, we help you create the desired ball flight based on not just the static loft but the dynamic (impact) loft. 

​Wedge Fitting $60

We can all agree, there is no faster way to lower your score than by improving your short game.  Having wedges that fit you is a must!  Did you know that about 1/2 of your shots (excluding putts) are from within 100 yards.

Schedule a Wedge Fitting and let us help you lower your scores!

Putter Fitting  $60

The purpose of a putter fitting is to help you roll the ball on the correct path, at the right speed and into the cup.  Putting is easier with a putter that fits your putting stroke and ability. Putters have many different characteristics that are to help you but how do you know if a putter is correct for your stroke. 

A putter fitting will tell you if your putter is right for you.  If needed, we can bend your putter during the fitting at no additional charge.