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A Performance Analysis or Bag Analysis is a 60 to 90 minute process where with our proprietary software and the latest technology we perform a complete analysis of your equipment. Vital statistics are gathered by our launch monitor and, our club fitters, to gather the correct measurements for your clubs and your unique swing.

We then are determine the consistency within your set.  Next, we analyze to make sure the clubs are weighted correctly, are frequency matched, and have the correct lofts and lies.  Most importantly we will give you distance for each club and recommend how to fill gaps in yardage.

Remember the object of the exercise is to improve consistency, accuracy, and distance whilst also reducing your shot dispersion and lowering your score.

Typically the results listed in the first chart is what we see after testing the sets flex.  

The second chart is after we re-build the set.  The top numbers are calculated by our software after a Full Bag fitting.